• The Health Science Index represents a new standard of health.

    The Health Science Index family of mobile apps measures and tracks the determinants of health to improve treatment outcomes and reduce office visits.

  • Patent-pending technology used for whole patient care

    Patient-centered care and patient activation are made easier using HSI.

  • The app features a unique method of prioritization

    The Health Science Index app is designed to be used by medical personnel for patient monitoring. It compares and ranks factors using proprietary Health Science Index technology.

  • Helps to reduce unnecessary office visits

    Makes post-op and patient care follow-up easier; allows for a more efficient process, thereby reducing medical facility costs

The parent company One Item, Inc. has engineered the Health Science Index or "HSI"

The Health Science Index joins the existing consumer app "Better Now" which measures wellness factors to improve the quality of life and assist life coaches, counselors, therapists, fitness trainers, mental health pracitioners, and busy motivated individuals.

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The new app is called "The Health Science Index" mobile app, for Apple and Android.

Some people already know their challenges to remaining healthy, while others may have issues that need attention. The Health Science Index App allows patients and healthcare providers to track a patients metrics and recovery process to reach a state of optimal health and well-being and improve outcomes.

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The Health Science Index App provides a unique set of data for patient follow-up & care

HSI is designed to be used by medical practitioners for patient treatment monitoring. The patient app separates and abstracts sensitive patient data, and offers new insight using normalized stack ranked assessment data to monitor patient progress.

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The HSI app is designed to help avoid extra, unneeded office visits.

Sometimes patients feel disconnected from their medical care personnel and have additional questions about their treatment. As an adjunct to telemedicine, the app allows for monitoring of progress on specific data, which may be specified by the doctor or nurse.

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The Health Science Index story

The Health Science Index (HSI) is both a methodology and a patent-pending algorithmic core, which are at the heart of a set of software products.

The parent company, One Item, Inc. uses the HSI core to enable better, more efficient delivery of health care to humans through the application of the sciences, using engineering, mathematics and computer technology… all working together.

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Introduction to Better Now

The Remarkable Journey of Better Now

After years of research and testing, and three major revisions, the Better Now mobile application has launched in the Apple Store.


About One Item, Inc.

One Item, Inc., is a software company which is transforming change management, has recently launched the Health Science Index mobile app joining the existing consumer app called “Better Now”, which is available for the iPhone and Android. The app is based around The Science of Human Optimization.

One Item's mission is to make life better with solutions that provide direction and care.

About One Item