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Erik Knutson

Erik Knutson
CEO, Chairman, Founder
Change Management Expert
Past Microsoft Program Manager
and CEO of Design Labs, Inc.


Founder, inventor, and prime evangelist, Erik is responsible for inventing the core logic and change methodology built into the software products. Subsequent to founding One Item, Inc. in 2016 his leadership has enabled the company to form health care and industry relationships crucial for success. His passion for complexity simplification, process automation, and cross-functional team building is helping to establish One Item as the platform solution to help organizations and individuals reach their goals more easily. During the previous decade, Erik was Chief Executive Officer and President of Design Laboratory, Inc. (DLI), a Bellevue-based business and technology consulting firm. Using his change-management expertise, Erik established a track record of innovative enterprise-level solutions. B.A. Business Admin; M.S. Computer Science.


  1. June 1988

    Bachelor of Science

    San Diego State University, California
  2. June 2005

    Master of Science, Computer Systems

    Seattle, WA

Professional Experience

  1. 2006-2011
    Microsoft Program Manager
    Microsoft Campus, Redmond WA
  2. 2011-2016
    Chief Executive Officer
    Design Laboratory, Inc.
  3. 2016-2022
    Chief Executive Officer
    One Item, Inc.