HSI AFib Edition

HSI AFib Edition

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  • January 11, 2022
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In other locations on this website, we have mentioned new HSI modules and solution based on various medical conditions. This effort has come to fruition this year with the new “Living With AFib” module.

AFib is an irregular, often rapid heart rate that commonly causes poor blood flow. The heart seems to “flutter” at many beats per minute. The upper chambers beat out of coordination with the lower chambers. AFib may not show itself and may have no symptoms, and when symptoms do appear they may include palpitations, shortness of breath, and fatigue.

One Item, Inc. has set up a partnership with medical leaders at ECU and UAMS respectively, to help build the health determinants AFib patients would want to track. The AFib Health Science Index solution combines an application that captures a unique set of relevant patient data. Based on the latest medical research patients will be reminded every day of their top areas of, with ground-breaking prioritization capability focus and will be directed to online resources authored by leaders in this medical specialty.

Unseen relevance – HSI uncovers all lifestyle choices and health factors which are relevant to AFib patients. The user justs keep updating the scores as they progress.

Prioritization – The application prioritizes the top three lifestyle choices which are the weakest, and have the greatest impact for the AFib patient.

Targeted content – The Health Science Index provides specific content for each lifestyle factor or health determinant, based on the needs of the AFib patient.

HSI provides a flexible platform which combines specific disease mitigating deterinants with other relevant and motivational factors.

This new edition is being rolled out by the UAMS AFib Clinic in 2022. Look for the release announcement.