There are several programs with their own "modules" of specialized information for different diseases and purposes.

Health Science Index (HSI).  The Health Science Index includes a number of modules suited for specific needs of patients in healthcare, from living longer, to living with AFib and heart failure.  

On the current HSI roadmap is the initiative to integrate with EPIC and Cerner medical systems, so that caregivers can see how a patient is progressing, and eventually also get alerts when something worthy of their attention changes with the patient through their module.

Health Science Index Modules & Programs:

  • The Health Science Index mobile app is an infrastructure and platform that gets world class content from both subject matter experts, and
    soon AI. 

  • Through 2022, all content was created and curated with nationally and
    internationally experts in their respective fields.

  • HSI collaborated with Dr. Sam Sears to create
    the AFib module which is available in the current Health Science Index (HSI) mobile app.

  • For the past several years HSI has worked with the University of Arkansas Medical Sciences University with a module called “Heart Healthy Communities" which addresses rural health and underserved populations. This is a community outreach program, and a medical study program.

  • New modules coming in the future may include Heart Failure and Fertility.

Explore ways to work together.

One Item is always exploring ways to add new modules by other medical entities to serve the needs of new patient groups.

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