Partnerships in research and analysis are an important element

The partner program is an important strategy we use to encourage channel partners assist in the overall goals of the research project. Researchers at the Health Science Index employ different types of affiliations or alliances: institutional, academic, government, or business. The need for investigating the validity of a given hypothesis is an opportunity to leverage certain types of partnerships.

One Item will deliver to its partners:

  • Professional & knowledgeable support for One Item products during pre- and post-sales process.

  • Product education programs that help the partner to understand the possibilities.

  • A product knowledge training program.

  • Best of class products & solutions.

  • Co-hosted events & programs that help partners to connect to us and start to offer total solutions that provide more value for their patients, clients and customers.

Explore ways to work together.

One Item is always exploring ways to work to determine who might be able to partner with the company on some level to market the products.

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