Proven technologies are fully leveraged; emerging tech is part of R & D

Software solutions include the Health Science Index agorithm and some of the latest software engineering technologies. Existing products, systems and programs have been carefully designed, constructed and tested. Much effort is spent on continual research and development, encompassing the latest methods to include on the next project. Finished deliverables are extensible and scaleable, are enterprise and cross-platform ready, and are usually based on cloud servers. The technology product is streamlined into an enjoyable, self-discoverable user experience, suitable for todays 2020 era audience.

C++ and Native

Using compiled languages: the written code is translated to the target platform's native language by a compiler. This results in very fast code, especially when the compiler is set up to optimize the executeables.

DBMS Schemas

The custom DBMS database schema represents the logical configuration of the application's database.  It is often expressed as a set of formulas called integrity constraints that govern this particular data schema.

Pattern Systems

Patterns are used to represent some of the best practices employed by our  developers. These design patterns systematically name, motivate, and explain the general design which addresses a recurring problem.

Predictive Code

Predictive coding is one of our machine learning techniques that takes data input by the researchers or from our development team regarding document relevance and then applies it to a much larger document set.

Health Science Index HSI Mobile App 

  • New clinical use concept, now under review
  • More extensive data collection tool for facility and professional use
  • Has “survey mode" in addition to the core Health Science Index software code
  • Both qualitative and quantitative data collection
  • Sophisticated proposed code base featuring A.I. and machine learning
  • Robust enterprise administration, with a dashboard and reporting
  • HIPAA compliant, extra security, government compatable.

Better Now B2C Mobile App

  • The consumer mobile app, using some of the Health Science Index technology, is available for free from the Apple Store, or Google Play Store.
  • It is a robust tool, featuring multiple templates and merge capability.
  • It is designed to be used by the consumer, or on behalf of the consumer via a professional practitioner.
  • There are many important features, including the ability to invite friends and family to be part of a support group.
  • Users may opt for a Membership to Better Now, which offers more flexibility and features