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Peace begins when the expectation ends.

“The personal life deeply lived always expands into truths beyond itself”-Anais Nin

Human emotion is a tricky thing. There are several diseases that even modern medicine can’t cure. This loophole may be due to the health of a being doesn’t just include the physical qualities but also the mind and spirit as well. WHO defines “health” as a complete mental, physical, and social well being.

Spirituality is the act of trying to connect with a higher being through different methods. The method could be through prayer, meditation, or silence. It could also be committed alone or in a group led by a particular individual.

Spirituality is different from religion. Although both concepts aim to reach a higher being, the former is an abstract while the latter is a well-established practice by humankind.

According to a study done in 2017 involving patients with multiple sclerosis, those who can find meaning and purpose revealed to experience less pain interference and lesser depressive symptoms throughout their treatment. On the other hand, a significantly higher pain and depressive symptoms occurred in patients without meaning or purpose.

Benefits of spirituality on well being:
1. Study shows that spirituality helps cure and prevent physical and mental illnesses.
2. It can provide inner strength and social support in coping with personal physical and mental problems. Moreover, it can also assist in the recovery period.
3. It can promote a healthy lifestyle.
4. It can provide an alternative to some of the disorders as compared with spending on medical care.

Include the spiritual dimension in your life, and discover how rich you are.