Limiting Tobacco Use

According to Medical News Today (sited at end of article,) after you stop smoking, within an hour your heart rate and blood pressure will drop and begin to return to normal.  After 12 hours, your body will begin to clear out its carbon monoxide and your oxygen levels will start to increase.  After the first day, your risk of heart attack begins to decrease.  Within three days of quitting smoking, you will experience decreased nicotine levels in the form of withdrawals.  You may experience mood changes, irritability, headaches and cravings.
After the first month, your lungs will breathe easier and your circulation will begin to improve.  After just 9 months, your lungs will have significantly healed themselves!  
After one year of no longer smoking, your risk of coronary heart disease decreases by half, and the benefits don’t stop there!
So between the cost, the smell, and impacts to your health, it is clear to most smokers that stopping smoking should be a high priority.  To this end, we have provided some powerful resources that will help push you over the hump to banish tobacco from your life for good.
Such a commitment may be difficult, given the powerful forces of addiction working against you.  But don’t hide behind the belief that the damage is already done, and its too late.  It is not.  Your life will take a profoundly positive turn the day you let go of this self-destructive habit…
Good Luck, Follow Warrior!
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~ Erik Knutson