HSI Limiting Meats

Consuming Less Red Meat

Eat to live. Not Live to Eat

“Please eat less meat. Meat is an insensitive carbon commodity.”- Rajenda Pachauri 

Eating meat is not only a biological need but also a cultural one. Throughout history, meat got consumed due to the seasonality and lack of nutrition of vegetables. The acquisition of meat became a social function for different groups of individuals which led to it becoming part of their culture and tradition. 

Unfortunately, in this era, the method of acquiring meat is very different. People spend little to no physical effect to obtain meat, thus defeating the prior purpose of it. Moreover, studies have found that red and processed meat can cause cancer and other biological diseases due to high sodium content. 

According to the World Cancer Research Fund, the recommended amount of red meat consumption is three portions a week each containing 350-500g of cooked weight. 

Reasons to Limit Meat Consumption:

  1. It can cause biological disorders such as high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases due to its high sodium content. 
  2. A little can become a good source of protein, iron, and micronutrients. However, they also contain fats that can raise cholesterol and lead to cardiovascular diseases. 
  3. It is not a need. A lot of meatless diets can also provide the same nutrients of meat using alternative ingredients such as soy, fruits, and vegetables. 
  4. It is not eco-friendly. As compared with vegetable production, animal produce produces too much carbon footprint before we can consume it, thus harming the environment.