HSI Expressing Gratitude

Showing Gratitude

Thank the Universe for what it has taught you, that more doors and windows may open up for you

Do you more often see your glass as half-empty or half-full?

It can be tempting to fixate your attention on the things that you wish you had or compare how much more other people have than you. However, if you look too long at the emptiness, you might miss out on the little joys that had been there all along. It takes conscious practice and the power of focus to recognize goodness amidst a mesh of chaos that can sometimes be life. But then, this positive attitude gives way to gratitude, which in turn draws more good things to you. As the law of attraction says, you attract whatever you focus your thoughts and actions on.
Gratitude to family and friends

Look around you at the people who have been there for you through the years. You and your memories would not be the same without them. Thank them for what they have shared with you, that you may co-create more meaningful experiences with them.

Gratitude to God and the universe

Whatever you believe in, forces greater than you have shaped your life. Sometimes not getting what you wished for simply means that it may not be meant for you. Then again, consider all those things you received without even asking for them. Thank the universe for what it has taught you, that more doors and windows may open up for you.

Gratitude to one’s self

Most often, we are our toughest critic. Try to find peace and reconcile with yourself that you have done your best with whatever means you had. Thank yourself for being alive, that you may continue to evolve into the best version of yourself.

Practice gratitude and your glass will be full, for gratefulness will always give joy back to you.