HSI Anger Control

Viewed in a Healthy Way

Practice looking at where anger starts and how to mitigate it.”

Let’s start out by saying that the real issue isn’t with the feeling of anger itself but with the management of anger. A natural emotion which anyone might encounter, it is fear or hurt expressed uncontrollably. It may overcome you when you are upset about being wrongly accused or unfairly treated.

When you leave it uncontrolled
The trouble with anger is that it can be very self-defeating. You are unable to communicate your point when fury takes over. With your judgment clouded, the action usually leads to something you could possibly regret. Unfortunately, as we know only too well, there are words that can’t be unsaid and deeds that can’t be undone.

Suppressing anger can be unhealthy too, unless you find a moderate way in which to vent it. Allow it to consume you from within, and you could suffer from other conditions like hypertension, heart disease, alcoholism, addiction, and low immunity.

How to manage the emotion
If you are someone prone to flare-ups, then practice looking at where anger starts and how to mitigate it. Identify the root cause behind it – the real reason why you feel angry. Are you often faulted and criticized? Do you feel misunderstood and unappreciated? Now that you know what triggers it, find out what reinforces it. Are you tired from work or tight on finances? Is the stress in your life too much?

The more you focus on managing anger, the better you can rein in your emotions and get that issue under control. To control it means to be aware that you have a choice on how to respond and express your feelings in a healthier way.