Addressing Injury

Sometimes it is the small things that have a big impact.  Injuries, infections, trauma, and disease often get worse if left untreated.  For example, a back injury might lead to a lower level of activity, which may lead to heart disease.  An untreated sinus infection can lead to headaches, which can impact morale and sleep.  Untreated, infections can spread to become debilitating or even fatal.

So the obvious solution is to focus on problem areas as soon as they are noticed.  Start by feeling your body head to toe.  Do you feel any pain or discomfort?  Next, do a visual inspection and look for skin dryness, rash, and color.  Look at muscle tone, your eyes, your feet.  Specifically, you want to look for any changes to your body.  If you find something unexpected in what you see or feel, put extra effort into why it is happening and seek advice from a doctor when you are unsure.

We intuitively know that it is important to stay healthy, but poor health can creep up on us.  To that end, here are some resources to optimize our efforts around self-care and maintaining a resilient body and mind:

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Could Teach Our Bodies to Heal Faster”

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“Pland-strong & Healthy Living”

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