Get to know yourself but let it go

“There are things which are within our power and those which are inevitably out of our control.”

It seems that we often talk about the human condition as though it were something we only ought to bear. We sometimes forget that we can transform the situation and free ourselves from the burden. This can be achieved through the power of acceptance.

It isn’t to make light of the sufferings that people go through, but rather that of lightening the situation and making it better. This can be done by being more accepting of yourself, your emotions, your current state, and the world around you.

On accepting yourself for who you are

Everyone needs to feel accepted, and yet the self-love begins from within. One of the worst feelings in life is to feel like you have been a disappointment to yourself and others. Thus, it is important to start believing in yourself and accepting your own imperfections – limitations, weaknesses, shortcomings, and all.