Conducting Research

Conducting Research

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  • April 27, 2020
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There is nothing more important than careful research, and research is based on the project’s objectives. Existing systems and products are carefully engineered, constructed, and tested after extensive R&D. Much effort is spent on continual research and development, examining better methods to include on the next project. 

All research is based on anticipating project needs by pinpointing the exact aspect which the research will address.

Context and background

  • Who does the problem affect?
  • Has it been an issue for a long time, or is it a newly discovered problem?
  • What research has already been done?
  • Have any solutions been proposed?
  • What are the current debates about the problem, and what do you think is missing from them?

Specificity and relevance

  • What particular place, time and/or people will the research focus on?
  • What aspects will the team not be able to tackle?
  • What will be the consequences if the problem is not resolved?
  • Whose will benefit from resolving the problem (e.g. the management of an organization or future researchers)?
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