AFib VIP Program

Welcome to the HSI AFib VIP Group for Free Trial

Managing Key Determinants of Health are a key part of the AFib whole-patient care.  Optimize your lifestyle choices and get back to living by using this special module provided by One Item, Inc, with the collaboration of the acclaimed Dr. Sam Sears.  You can download the HSI mobile app from the app stores, and use the email and password provided to you. Select the AFib module.

You can download the app using one of these links:



Key Benefits of the HSI AFib Mobile App:

  • Patients can assess and track the determinants of health which have an effect on AFib

  • Tool prioritizes the focus of patients efforts on things which make the biggest difference

  • Helps patients learn new mechanisms for coping and behavioral change

  • Cutting edge 2022 technology

  • Help people living with AFib have happier, healthier lives despite having AFib

Explore ways to promote the AFib program module together

One Item is always exploring ways to determine who might be able to partner with the company to get this new tool into the hands of those who would benefit most.

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