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Drinking Enough Water

Thousands Have Lived Without Love, Not One Without Water.

“Water is the driving nature of life ”

Water is an essential component of our body’s composition. Our internal fluids are 60% water. Its primary function is to metabolize simple sugars like carbohydrates and complex stored fats in a process called lipolysis or fat burning process. This process allows the body to use the stored energy for its daily activities.

According to a study in NCBI, there is a potentially important role for water in weight loss of an individual. Again, this stems from the fact that whenever water is used to breakdown fats into energy, weight loss, more or less occurs to the individual.

Why water is important to us:

1. Burns calories- water is a natural fat burner. It helps break down fats through a process called lipolysis whenever the body needs energy to move.

2. Can satiate hunger- drinking water can make a one feel full. There are cases wherein one mistakes the desire from thirst, so it is recommended to drink water before trying to eat anything.

3. Helps release body wastes- water can help prevent constipation for those who have difficulty in passing stool. Moreover, it can also release wastes through sweat when the body needs to release heat.

4. Maintains Brain Function- even a slight dehydration of 1-3% of the body weight can impair one’s brain function. It can affect one’s mood, concentration, and also cause anxiety.

5. Helps maintain physical activities- dehydration is widespread during physical activities as heat causes the body to release sweat. This condition creates a lack of focus and muscle fatigue; thus, water is essential for the re-hydration of authority in these cases.


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